[MISC] (UPDATE 3. In-Stream), 1 Oct 2014: World Ballet Day LIVE End of Day

Welcome to the end of World Ballet Day here in the U.S., and the wrap-up of what happened on the LIVE Youtube streams!

Links provided below, some of which will be disappearing in the next 48 hours, I think. Watch them in their entirety ASAP since they will be taken down and broken up into highlights for permanent Youtube viewing.

I will return to my usual Musings and other series this weekend!


I caught as much as I could possible view LIVE, but I missed all of the Bolshoi, and ironically, that is proving to be the hardest to track down for a recap… Maybe because of the language barrier.

Russia was the only non-English speaking country to host a World Ballet Day LIVE feed, which was a bit disappointing since a South American company  would have fit in nicely, too.

Technology though. It must have been too tough for some countries/regions to host such a wide-scale event online. Even for some of the companies today, there were live feed issues going on that are tricky to avoid.

Here is Bolshoi Ballet’s link for their entire live feed:

Other Bolshoi Ballet’s World Ballet Day LIVE contributions:

Bejart Ballet – Of Heart and Courage

World Ballet Day – Bolshoi Highlights

YAGP’s Ballet’s Greatest Hits

We started this event with The Australian Ballet. And I would like to add that their overall LIVE stream was perhaps the best of the day, which doesn’t mean that they are the best company out of the bunch shown, but I SO greatly appreciate and adore high video quality, good interviewers/commentators, and a lively and ready company of dancers and staff. They seemed the most ready for this event, despite having never produced a live stream before. But not ready as in perfected in class and rehearsals; they were real and felt the most honest about what goes on in classes and rehearsals.

Here is The Australian Ballet’s link for their entire live feed:

The feed travelled to Moscow with the Bolshoi Ballet (see above), and then to London with The Royal Ballet. Lovely as always. Perfect, a little too perfect, in class and rehearsals. I love their entire production team as well, BUT yeah, a bit too perfect and staged feeling.

Here is the Royal Ballet’s link for their entire live feed (may or may not be working):

Then onto another land of the Queen’s, Canada, with The National Ballet of Canada. I woke up to their daily class. I was most disappointed with their overall value, from what I’ve seen from 3 out of the 5 companies. The videos were shaky and the interviewer/commentator was SUPER annoying. But the company itself looked spot-on, and the rehearsal of Nijinsky was especially thrilling. I wish they could tour down to Texas with that one…

And we ended with San Francisco Ballet, the representing U.S. company. I have a special fondness for SFB that goes beyond NYCB, so I was sure to catch all of their feed, even while at work (Shhhhh!).  They would take the second place, for me, because they always seem to have the right angles and right lighting for their company.Their videos and photographs are always perfectly clear for the viewers; they also seem to amplify the uniqueness and brilliance of their dancers. And I appreciate their production team. Even the newscaster interviewer/commentator wasn’t too bad.

Here is San Francisco Ballet’s link for their entire live feed:


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