UPDATE: 24. Paris Burning, Moscow Yearning

Well, that was a short-lived dream in the city of lights. It is now official; Benjamin Millepied will step down as POB Director of Dance in July. Aurélie Dupont will become the new Director in August. Here’s the NYT article I was waiting on for confirmation.

A lot can be said about this bittersweet situation. I’m at least happy to learn that Millepied will be returning to run L.A. Dance, not quiting dance altogether but rather going in a route towards creative freedom and away from pressing traditions. Leaving a lot of pressure on Dupont to either return to the stuffy old white people traditions of POB or move in the same vein as Millepied was trying to go.

So I think I’ll just post a new blog later about the behind the scenes positions of dance companies, large and small. A lot of complications occur, and even more drama than necessary will be regurgitated in major ballet companies especially. Does that mean that a smaller contemporary (and various styled) company is a better decision? Or should larger companies of the ballet version be the ones to change their methods from within to match the mentality on the outside?




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