[MISC] DANCE SOURCE HOUSTON Leaves Performance/Rehearsal Space July 31, 2016

Some bittersweet news for contemporary dance in HTX.

For more information contact Stephanie Todd Wong or Mollie Haven Miller Dance Source Houston 713-224.3262 Stephanie@dancesourcehouston.org Mollie@dancesourcehouston.org Dance Source Houston Leaves …

Source: Dance Source Houston Leaves Performance/Rehearsal Space July 31, 2016

The sweet being that our community is growing exponentially with individual spaces in nearly all corners surrounding Downtown, which means it’s getting easier to find a place to create, teach, and train others. (Not going to add my personal opinion on how well these spaces have worked out for myself as a post-grad 20-something-year-old dancer looking for adult classes; let’s just say I’m still searching…)

But bitter because The Barn is such a critical symbol that we can form our own inclusive collective and community within a single space. It’s comfy and cozy but also buzzing with ideas and creativity much like the dance departments/divisions most of us enjoyed during college.

But issues in parking (mainly during Dynamo games in the summer, that is) and financial costs keep The Barn from doing what it wants to do.

I wish everyone involved in The Barn all the luck in ventures outside of The Barn, but I also look forward to any collective gathering space which will inevitably fly out of the ashes of The Barn.


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