51. an incantation + some words (NYU TISCH DANCE, MFA 1 CONCERT)

M F A 1

2. 23. 18



supporting strangers, fellow graduates writing without boundaries about dance without boundaries rethink the definition of “review” gender-neutral, void of excess, unbiased, unpaid, unfiltered, critically creative in response



:                      incantationforstudentdance                      :

i want to thank all the students before and following dance of the past present future the ones who are seeking or have found their dancing spirit body mind in college i cant imagine life without the students the ones who search the seekers sharing exploring risk takers every one of you bold brave silly flawed full humans moving because none of this would be here without you and your accidents mistakes misfortunes decisions achievements blessings do not forget this moment movement magic


:                      wordsforstudentdance                      :

1 & 2 Techno-Choreographers with a slice of Millennial milk.

1/3 of your life? Everyone’s screen time is detrimental?

Or is it just the current/future pas de deux?

3 Elegant echoes of partnering that’s not classic; it’s not the future; where does this exist?

4 Modern Dance Satire; it’s okay to giggle with your body, shim on in gold laah-MAY parachute pants.

(Thank the heavens for Salt-n-Pepa’s “Twist and Shout,” released the year I was born)

[ATTN: “Fatum” will not be performed tonight due to an injury”]

5 Lovely lush locum leapers longing looking like listless ladders linked little less lonely.

6 [below] Movers who defy boundaries paired with movement that defends individualism.

7 When DRACARYS really means YAS QUEENS, work that tendu.

8 A sentimental touch and glance shared.

(Does Yann Tierson know that he has a massive following in college dance students? This is my millionth.)

9 Please direct your gaze to the dance party celebrating BRRR *orgy to follow.

10 A lamp. Stepping stones of torn pages. Words. Monessa journals; Monessa moves. Monessa is black; Monessa is woman. Monessa is everything, alive.

11 [below] Brazen Bouncing Bolero Babes. Optimistically more like Batsheva, less like Béjart.


with       g r a t i t u d e

s    i    n    c    e    r    e    l    y

this lonely dancer/writer, MA not MFA


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