About J.M.M.

I’m a part-time PR/Marketing Archival Intern at Houston Ballet as well as freelance writer for Arts + Culture Texas and The Nerdist, living in Houston, Texas. I earned a BFA in dance studies with a writing minor at Texas State University in May 2015.

I’ll be entering NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study Masters of Arts program in fall 2017, studying dance and literature.

In May 2016, I presented independent research about women in literature and contemporary ballet at the Society of Dance History Scholars’ 2016 Special Topic “Contemporary Ballet: Exchanges, Connections, and Directions”  held at The Center for Ballet and the Arts (NYU) and Barnard College (Columbia University). I also took part in the Engagement Symposium of Philosophy and Dance at my alma mater in spring 2016.

My deepest passions ignite from the complexities of dance (history to aesthetics to choreography), but I’m also in love with all types of creative writing, photography, video games, music, movies, comics and graphic novels, literature, painting, television, philosophy, printmaking, radio, and teaching to name a few; hence, my freelancing position for The Nerdist and my yearly submissions at Thistle Magazine!

I love writing and writing about dance, but I love reading and researching even more.

Arts + Culture Texas Profile

Nerdist Profile 

For professional use, refer to my Linkedin account.

One thought on “About J.M.M.

  1. Hi Jessica.

    Reading your blog and remembered that I have some lovely archival images (well, late 1980s 😉) that I shot backstage and in rehearsal with Momix. Let me know if you are interested! (Shot on film of course but they can be scanned & shared)

    BH / herzco.com

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