My main technique training is in ballet, including various levels of RAD, Vaganova, and some Cecchetti as well as pointe and character classes in studios, academies, and college.

Since high school, I have come in contact with modern dance and improvisation and world dance styles, such as brief workshops in butoh and flamenco. My dance training at Texas State was Hawkins-based fundamentals, but I’ve been a participant in ACDF for three years and have enjoyed classes from various modern and contemporary styles like Limón and Graham. While living in Houston I took a handful of Gaga + Dancers classes from Amy Morrow.

I continue to be a student to many dance forms, even though performance, technique teaching, and choreography are not my main focus.

Below is a performance art piece I worked on with my close friends in 2010. This Butoh-inspired piece was a collaboration between the Houston-based band LIMB (now consisting of James Templeton) and two other artists, Lauren Babcock/Cardenas and Carmen Torres.

Below is an art-piece I created for my art major friend, Emily Eaton. We worked on a video creation of dance and visual manipulations. All of the editing was done by her. The dancing was fluid and improvisational.



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