My main technique training is in ballet, my first love and true passion. This includes RAD, Vaganova, and some Cecchetti as well as pointe and character classes in various studios, academies, and in university.

Since high school, I have come in contact with modern dance and improvisation and world dance styles, such as butoh and flamenco. My dance training at Texas State is entirely based on Hawkins fundamentals, but I’ve been a participant in ACDF for three years and have enjoyed classes from various modern and contemporary styles. I also take monthly classes in and around Houston from various professional dancers as well as Houston Ballet’s adult classes.

I continue to be a student to many dance forms, even though performance, technique teaching, and choreography are not my main focus. I would like to perform again, but only if the artistic intentions behind the piece are true and unique.

Below is a link to a performance art piece I worked on with my close friends in 2010. This Butoh-inspired piece was a collaboration between the Houston-based band LIMB (now consisting of James Templeton) and two other artists, Lauren Babcock/Cardenas and Carmen Torres.

Below is a link to an art-piece I created for my art major friend, Emily Eaton. We worked on a video creation of dance and visual manipulations. All of the editing was done by her. The dancing was fluid and improvisational.

Below is a link to an artistic collaboration for my Music for Dancers class in 2014. It is titled “Waking Dream” and features a performance by South Korean piano performance major Hyun Jung Im from Texas State University’s Music Department. Video editing is still in-progress.

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