I will always be a student to dance

in any form                   any medium                   with anybody                   for myself


28 April 2015
Filmed in Houston, Texas
Dancer: Lauren Cardenas
Audio Creation: Dakotah Lawler
Video Editing: Jessica MacFarlane

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.23.08 PM

“I was interested in depicting honey bees in a spiritual, naturalistic manner, so I turned to myths. In ancient Greece, the Melissae were considered nymphs devoted to honey bees. They used bee pollen to see the future. Using local honey bees from the main dancer’s personal hives in Houston, TX, I filmed the daily activities and atmosphere of honey bees. I also collaborated with a close friend to creatively construct separate audio sounds that utilized the honey bee sounds I recorded. This is a visionary exploration of one abstract Melissae, a female dancing with honey bees.”

A performance-art piece between myself and my close friends in 2010. This Butoh-inspired piece was a collaboration between the Houston-based band LIMB (now consisting of James Templeton) and two other artists, Lauren Babcock/Cardenas and Carmen Torres.

“Sync” was filmed/edited by Emily Eaton in 2014. We worked on a video creation of dance and visual manipulations.



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