When I photograph dance, I am not looking for a moment that will “wow” the audience only. I want to photograph moments that the dancers can look at and feel accomplished, moved, and pleased. For me, the dancers come before anything else when I photograph movement.

I’ve been photographing dance since 2005 and I don’t intend on stopping. I’ve been trained in photographic film processing with analog cameras, but I work entirely digitally now. Currently, however, I need a new lens for my Canon and have slowed down considerably. My photos are 100% unaltered and unfiltered; I try my hardest to capture the purest movement without digital editing afterwards. I work exclusively in rehearsals and performance settings; no posing, no studios, just the dancers in the moment.

For further contact on my photography, please send a message: jmariamacfarlane [at] yahoo [dot] com

Below are some examples of my body of work with San Jacinto College-South, Texas State University, and Ballet Nacional de Guatemala.38a. SJC South 2010 My Mothers Daughters 19


78. SJC South 2011 6

55a. SJC South 2010 Repose 23




Below is a link for my work while at Texas State University. A full flickr account with my extended work will be published later.

Flickr Account


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